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Children Arts & More Enrichment Programs

Children Arts & More is a enrichment center for homeschool and after school students . Our classes help to build confidence, academics ,team building and social skills. In our 1 and 3 hour classes, students will engage in hands on activities that include arts and crafts, spanish, writing, imaginative play, cooking, acting, science, engineering and more. Our classes are taught by highly trained and certified instructors. Also, each semester is designed to give the children a new experience by providing them with a different enrichment class to learn a new skill.

We also travel to different locations of your choosing to teach. Below are a few of the enrichment programs that we offer, to get full detail information about each class, please click on class descriptions at the top of the page.

  • Weird Science
  • Wacky Art & Crafts
  • Introduction To Spanish
  • Discovery Kids
  • Fantastic Athletes
  • Creative Painting & Writing
  • Introduction To Comedy Acting
  • Learn Polite Etiquette
  • Music Lessons

Our  highly affordable classes are offered weekly. Give us a call today to see how we can help you choose the right class for you.

Our Classes Have Been Taught At The:

 *East Valley Community Center    *Rock creek Education Center    *San Marcos Civic Center     *San Diego Libraries   *Rancho Santa Fe Community Center 

Learn Polite Etiquette

Etiquette is more than just figuring out which fork to use at fork to use at the dinner table. Through this interactive class, we will role play, play games, and practice with fun exercises. Students will learn how to make first great impressions, have manners outside of the home, develop good table manners, and learn how to write respectable thank you notes.

Science Adventurers

Science and Nature adventures offers children many opportunities for observation and exploration. Through hands on experience, we will explore different science concepts, engage in fun activities and make fun science experiments.

Intro To Stage Comedy & Acting

Lights! Camera! Action! Students will learn how to perform and create their own comedic monologue s, be animated while telling stories, and be a confident public speaker.