Class Descriptions

Introduction To Comedy Acting- Lights! Camera! Action! Students will learn how to perform and create their own comedic monologues and commercials. Students will also learn how to be animated while telling funny stories and be a confident public speaker.

 Science Adventures- Science Offers children many opportunities for observations and exploration. Through hands on experience, we will explore different science concepts, engage in fun activities and make fun science experiments.

Exude Beauty, Fashion & Confidence- Unleash your inner beauty and gain confidence. This class is for teenagers who have a passion for fashion and love to style themselves in the newest designs and latest trends. This course will focus on will focus on self-esteem, self awareness and self confidence. We will create tye dye shirts, jewelry and use our creativity to turn our old clothes into something new.

Learn Polite Etiquette- Etiquette is more than just figuring out what fork to use at the dinner table. Through this interactive class we will role play, play games, and practice with fun exercises. Students will learn how to make first great impressions, have manners outside of home, develop good table manners, and learn how to write good respectable notes.

Fantastic Athletes- Fantastic athletes encourages children to be active through fun and educational outdoor activities. Students will participate in obstacle courses, scavenger, hunts, and silly games.

International Geography- Geography is the study of physical and human characteristics of the earths people, places and environments. through art,music, games, and more students will explore different cultures. We will also prep and cook tasty dishes from around the world.

Wacky Art & Crafts- Students will paint, draw and create amazing masterpieces from around the  world. Students will also learn how to make different pieces of jewelry and develop their own unique design skills.

Let's Pretend-Children learn about their world through pretending and using their senses. We will engage in fun dramatic play, create costumes, dance and get our sillies out.

Aloha! Hawaiin Adventures-Aloha! Discover the fun history and culture of Hawaii through art, music and lots of fun. We will learn about Hawaiian traditions, make leis and create Hawaiian dishes.

Introduction To Music Lessons- Music is poetry in motion. In this class, students will express themselves through song writing, group collaboration, guitar playing and drums. This class will be taught by David Beck. David Beck has worked with Atlantic Records, was featured in “Modern Drummer Magazine”, and has played shows with Cheap Trick, Night Ranger, Lita Ford, Extreme, Dokken, and Lynch Mob.

Discovery Kids (Homeschool Experience)- In this 3 hour class, students will learn- Art! Math! Science! & Reading! Students will also be provided with educational worksheets that we will complete together as a class. Class will be taught by certified instructors who has received their Bachelors or Master Degree.

Odyssey Adventures-In this fun and engaging class, students will explore movement in physically active games, complete science experiments together, and create wonderful works of art. This class is for students who are between the ages of 3-6.